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From True Self to the Bare Fact of Being

Buddhadharma quarterly is featuring an article I wrote on waking up while facing crisis. Buddhism orients around finding freedom from suffering through changing the way we see ourselves. This is the teaching of non-self (anatman). The idea of non-self is not just a philosophical or abstract issue. Quite practically – it could lead to seeing oneself in … Continue reading From True Self to the Bare Fact of Being

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3 Meditations for Healing From Depression

Even though, these days, everyone is doing it, starting with silent sitting meditation can be difficult for someone who is depressed or exhausted. But silent sitting meditation is only one kind of meditation. There are others. Rather than a one size fits all approach, the greatest benefits come from practicing the right kind of meditation practice at the right time. Consider Mantra recitation, guided visualization or meditation, and somatic meditation.

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