Himalayan Children

For more than a decade Pema Khandro has fundraised to support the food, lodging and education for children and elders in the Himalayas. Together with her student she founded Ngakpa House.

PemaKhandroandFriend inKathmandu

In an international effort to ensure the passing on of the artistic, spiritual, academic and treasures of Tibetans to the next generation, Ngakpa House provides food, shelter & education to orphans, children and elders in the Himalayas.

Ngakpa House also sponsors children in the Himalayas to learn language, arts, philosophy, math and the spiritual heritage of the Buddhist Yogis of Tibet.

Pema Khandro has dedicated Ngakpa House to
– providing education, food and lodging to children and elders in the border regions outside Tibet
– ensuring that the Buddhist traditions will flourish in their homeland
– and giving Buddhists in North America the opportunity give back to cultures which gave birth to this ancient tradition.

Giving is the New Getting!

Ngakpa House is one of the greatest joys of Pema Khandro’s community. Engaging in service and humanitarian efforts offer Pema Khandro’s friends and students an opportunity discover the healing power of generosity, service and cooperation, a path that Buddhism recognizes as the road to a fulfilled life.

Save a Tibetan Culture

This work has particularly focused on the border regions outside Tibet. In these areas large scale relief efforts are not applicable since these places fall out of the borders of government aid projects.
Despite the best of intentions, large scale relief efforts often overlook smaller but vital aspects of an endangered culture. Smaller aspects of a culture are just as vital, carrying distinct treasures of history and culture that not held anywhere else.

Give Back
The beneficial influence of Tibetan Buddhism continues to unfold its blessings all over the world. Ngakpa House offers an opportunity to give back, to ensure that the people who gave Buddhism to the world continue to flourish in their own homeland.