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Bodhichitta – A Warrior’s Nourishment

A change in circumstance itself is only liberating if we allow ourselves to change with change, by letting go of the compulsion to control, manipulate and blame. We must abide in full presence long enough to bear the discomforts that require us to rely on bodhichitta. There are times when Bodhichita is our only nourishment … Continue reading Bodhichitta – A Warrior’s Nourishment

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Warriorship Beyond Fight or Flight

The idea of warriorship comes from the Tibetan term for Bodhisattva (byang chub sems pa). This describes the mind set on awakening, (Tib byang chub sems) and the person who as the hero or warrior with that mind (Tib dpa’ bo). Therefore it could literally be translated as awakened mind warrior or hero with enlightened … Continue reading Warriorship Beyond Fight or Flight

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Like Images in a Mirror

“All the variety of things and ideas are like images in a mirror: Void of appearances, there is yet no emptiness; If (this paradox) is left unresolved As to being identical or different, complacency prevails — Know the experience thoroughly for what it is straight away.” ~ Longchenpa Excerpt from Now That I Have Come … Continue reading Like Images in a Mirror

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What to do when emotions are tumultuous?

“What shall I do when forever emotional reactions and frustrations are raging in tumultuous waves? Then quickly don the armor of perseverance, and in order to let the turbid state of mind and mental events be cleared, set out on the path of sheer lucency, of immaculate pristine cognition, and let no obstacles impede the … Continue reading What to do when emotions are tumultuous?

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Restoring Psychological Balance Through Hor-me Therapy

One of the most widely practiced home remedies in Tibetan Medicine used by families and Amchis (Tibetan doctors) as part of the Tibetan Medicine oral tradition. Horme has many applications and especially used for restoring balance in the case of “wind disorders” such as agitation, depletion or weakness. Horme is traditionally used for emergencies, for … Continue reading Restoring Psychological Balance Through Hor-me Therapy

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What is Tibetan Yoga?

Tibetan Yoga practices regulate the flow of energy in the body and mind in order to remove negative tendencies and blocks. The goal is to allow our natural state of sanity and wisdom to emerge. Tibetan Yoga practices vary according to each lineage and tradition, though some practices are more common, such as the nine … Continue reading What is Tibetan Yoga?

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