Buddhist Philosophy
on Grief, Dying, Gender, Desire and every else thing that matters.

Read Pema Khandro’s articles, essays and transcripts from talks about Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhism Women and Dzogchen.

Buddhist Women: One Nun’s Hardship & Beauty

Long ago, in tenth or eleventh century, legends tell of a Buddhist nun who came to be known as Gelongma Palmo. She was a princess from Kashmir who, due to her great beauty, could have been married to kings from neighboring countries but decided instead to become a Buddhist nun. Because of her aptitude for study, her teacher appointed her as a head of the monastic community. But the boons of her early life could not have foreshadowed the horrors she would have to endure.

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Buddhist Women – The Story of A Survivor

This is a story of Nangsa Obum – an eleventh century Tibetan Buddhist woman who overcame extreme obstacles including persecution, domestic violence and even death. In the end she became a great yogini, living a life devoted to liberation of her self and others.

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